Social Issues

In Arizona , Our public bathrooms should be gender specific



I believe that man is denied a rich, personal reward from God when he is not able to express himself  through the enjoyment of his work. I am, of course, not saying that everything we do must be self pleasing, I am saying that when a person works and is rightfully compensated for that work through a fair wage or other compensation, they also obtain a sense of satisfaction of having a true net worth.  That feeling of pride coming from being able to sustain themselves, their family and, if they so desire, others. When the government steals this satisfaction by weighing him down with welfare and then props him up with a small pittance that he does not earn, it robs the soul of that individual. This is not good. I would wager a tidy sum that no child has ever said " I want to be the welfare king of my country, living off of other peoples work if he/she were asked of their aspirations . Today we are so focused on helping people, I believe we are harming more than helping. We, as a society must help those that need help. And not forget also that the Lord helps those who help themself. As a society, we are obligated to help the less fortunate and Americans have always wanted to. However, we must recognize that too much giving leads to dependency. It robs a person the opportunity of enjoying a good work ethic or having a sense of pride in a job well done. The government does NOT create work nor value by and large. It's largesse and weight upon society actually hurts free enterprise and capitalism. The taxes required to support the "entitlments" of todays promises by the government to us Americans is overbearing, brutal and reminiscent of the Old Testament Rulers heavy demands on the people centuries ago. The handouts promised and dolled out are  unrealistic, unsustainable and obscene. Welfare steals freedom, pride, and reward. I know of no government program anymore that requires a return to self sufficiency. It seems that our ability to fend for ourselves is being buried under preposterous laws, taxes, and overbearing regulations.  Government should have no place in the control of the marketplace. Government needs to butt out of handling the availability of money or the setting of wages for workers. Governments should just get out of the way of entreprenurialship. This is what I believe in my heart.


Our  government is encouraging those who have invaded our country and it acts as if we, the American population,  are the problem and that we  must change and accept the illegals  transgressions !.. I do not care what the Federal government , nor the bureaucrats say , we could deport the illegals if they would just get out of the way

                                      SECURE OUR BORDERS FIRST !!


is just giving our future (our children) the tools to succeed  We used to require Latin, Greek, French, or German for one year prior to graduation from high school. In todays society remedial English is a required college course and the kids need it. It is an American embarrassment  that we have failed as we teach social bull crap and babysit while not educating our children. WE can do better and I want to help the Teachers by fighting the rules that bind their ability such as Common Core and Federal intervention 

2nd Amendment

My God given right to protect myself, my family,

my friends, my country, and others as needed !

I will always fight to allow someone to be able to defend

themselves or their loved one.. 

 "I believe in the Greatness of America"

r    Support John Fillmore for State Representative, Legislative District 16, Arizona